Softwave Testimonials

  • " I have had chronic foot pain due to two stress fractures that did not heal well and a broke 5th metatarsal bone. I was tired of spending my time medicated daily when it was doing nothing but masking my pain. So I reached out and started my care plan with Kirsten and SoftWave at InnerSun. It changed the entire way my foot feels, with no medication. After 8 weeks and 10 sessions I can walk, I can play golf and hike again. It has truly changed how I live. I cannot reiterate how happy I am to not be taking medicine daily. My quality of life has changed as I am not worried about stepping wrong and injuring myself again. I am so excited to go to Disney with my family in June and not worried at all about being in pain then." 

    Carrie F.
  •  "Prior to SoftWave TRT I was unable to practice yoga due to scar tissue in my wrist from a fracture that I never went to physical therapy for. I now have better quality of life thanks to SoftWave and the team at InnerSun helping me get back to Yoga."

    Val B.
  • "I'm able to wear my favorite cowgirl boots again. It's been years since I could wear them due to residual swelling in my ankle from an old fracture"

    Cynthia F
  • "With the help of SoftWave I was able to reduce my healing time and return to lacrosse sooner than traditionally expected after an MCL sprain"

    Tristan W.
  • I appreciate Dr. Brown's natural approach to healing.  She always has helpful tips, encouragement, and promotes the much needed  self discipline.

    Lorin H
  • Awesome staff, very informative, knowledgeable, all around great people. Has helped my son tremendously and would recommend them to others.

    Randy B