Rediscovering Sensation: Bettie's Journey with SoftWave TRT for Peripheral Neuropathy

Published January 8th, 2024 by Kirsten

A Glimpse into Bettie's Struggle

In her 80s, Bettie faced the challenges of bilateral peripheral neuropathy linked to lumbar spine degeneration. Walking with a cane due to an increased risk of falling, she longed to regain the sensation in both her numb feet.

The Discovery Session

Bettie's journey took an intriguing turn with a Discovery Session, comparing the treated right leg with the untreated left leg. The focus was to evaluate the effectiveness of SoftWave TRT tailored to her unique condition.

Signs of Hope

Post-Discovery Session, Bettie noticed a significant change in her lower right leg. Pinkening indicated improved blood flow, and to her delight, she exclaimed, "I can feel my foot!" The sensation, resembling pins and needles, persisted for nearly a week, and the numbness never returned to that side.

Expanding the Care

Encouraged by the positive outcome, Bettie initiated care for both legs a week later. Progress photos captured transformative changes during three visits over two weeks of a six-week treatment plan.

A Journey of Progress

Witnessing the progression, Bettie now experiences pain and pins and needles in both feet, a significant shift from the initial complete numbness. "I can definitely feel them," she beams, signifying a promising journey towards reclaiming her lost sensations.

 A Promising Future

As Bettie continues her SoftWave TRT, her story unfolds as an inspiring testament to the possibilities of regaining sensation and managing peripheral neuropathy. With each visit, she steps closer to a future where her feet are not just steps in motion but vibrant sensors reconnecting with the world around her.

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