Regaining Strength and Mobility: Val's Journey from Wrist Fracture to Fitness Freedom with SoftWave.

Published January 8th, 2024 by Kirsten

A Setback in Paradise

In the picturesque setting of Cancun, Val's vacation took an unexpected turn when a fall resulted in a fractured left wrist. Although the healing process adhered to the expected timeline, Val noticed a concerning decline in her wrist's flexibility, hindering her ability to perform even basic movements.

The Struggle with Exercise 

As Val attempted to resume her regular exercise routine, the limitations became apparent. Putting any weight on her healing wrist caused not only noticeable pain but also unwelcome swelling, forcing her to modify or skip exercises altogether.

 Softwave TRT - A Turning Point

Enter Softwave TRT therapy – a game-changer in Val's recovery journey. The picture-perfect results following eight sessions in just six weeks during August 2023 tell a compelling story of resilience and progress.

The Transformation Unveiled 

The captured image serves as a visual testament to Val's dedication and the effectiveness of Softwave TRT therapy. It showcases the tangible results she achieved, marking a significant turning point in her post-fracture recovery.

A Full Recovery Achieved 

Val's commitment to the therapy paid off, eliminating the need for further sessions. Regaining full range of motion in her left wrist, Val triumphantly overcame the limitations that once hindered her daily activities.

Embracing Fitness Freedom 

With the restoration of her wrist's functionality, Val now revels in the ability to perform exercises like planks without experiencing any pain or resorting to weight compensation. Her journey serves as inspiration for those seeking to reclaim their strength and mobility.


Val's success story underscores the transformative power of Softwave TRT therapy in overcoming post-fracture challenges. As she embraces a life free from wrist pain and restrictions, Val invites others to consider the possibilities of regaining strength and flexibility through innovative therapeutic approaches.

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